Top Notch Security Features

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Vintage Vaults prides itself in the security and fortification it provides while all the state-of-the-art security features blend seamlessly into a unique architectural design

Custom Built Steel
Reinforced Vault

Deploying a vast team of engineers, award-winning designers, craftsmen, technical and security consultants has resulted in building the most secure Vault in the industry. The Vintage Vault is steel reinforced on all four sides, floor and ceiling while incorporating a unique art deco theme on the surface

A 24x7 link to Dubai Police
and the Security Industry Regulatory Authority (SIRA)

The entire premises is monitored with HD CCTV systems that are linked to the Dubai Police and monitored live around the clock by our in-house security as well. Our video capture remains stored indefinitely, so we can access any footage from any time period since inception

State of the Art Monitoring
and Alarm Systems

We have deployed state-of-the-art night vision cameras, motion sensors, and audio sensors that are linked 24x7 as well to SIRA ensuring the highest level of security 24x7. No unauthorized entry is possible at any time day or night

Dual Key System

Opening a safe deposit box requires a client key and a master key. No single member of the staff or security team personnel have access to both keys at any time, even before the box is rented. Only a staff member and client together can open the dual system lock

Multiple Tier Security Layers
for Access

We use multiple biometric systems for each access point along the journey from our reception and into the vault and privacy pods. This includes facial recognition, fingerprints, and access cards

Partnership with the Leading
Security Firms

We have only been able to partner with UAE's leading security firms Transgaurd Group and World Security after a thorough vetting process and consultations of our entire security protocol. Their onboarding ensures there are no gaps in security

Physical Security Guards on
Premises 24x7 in addition to
Mall of the Emirates Security

We have received authorization from the authorities to have physical security present in our store at the Mall 24x7. This adds another level of security in addition to that provided by being located within the Mall of the Emirates, which deploys its own advanced security measures

UL Certified Vault Door
and Safety Deposit Box Locks

Our Vault door that secures entry into the main vault and all the locks on our safety deposit boxes are UL certified which is the gold standard for security internationally. This ensures that those components have been rigorously tested for safety by the leaders in the industry

Privacy Pods

The private rooms built into the vault provide complete privacy and discretion for all clients to access and place their valuables into their box. These rooms come with an additional security access to ensure the highest level of security where it matters