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Safety Deposit Box rental, a well-established concept in global markets, offers a secure place to store valuables with complete discretion and privacy. With an increasing demand and limited capacity in the banking sector, Vintage Vaults is here to revolutionize the concept of safe deposit boxes with state-of-the-art technology, easy accessibility, extended operating hours, additional security layers, and artistic designs.

The Vintage Vaults model is unique in its physical architectural design and its offerings, which include privacy pods, custom number boxes, register and book online, seven sizes to choose from, comprehensive insurance on us and home delivery service amongst others.

We elevate your experience to safeguard your peace of mind.


We do not just secure your most valuable possessions, we help
safe-keep your piece of mind


Having a safe deposit box to safe-keep your valuables should not
 be a luxury. We aim to make the service accessible to all residents
and tourists of Dubai