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Safety Deposit Box Rental in Dubai

Secure your most valuable possessions at our world-class high security storage facility in Dubai. 
Professional, confidential and most importantly – completely secure. Open an account to secure your private box today .

Safeguarding Your Peace of Mind

Located in the Mall of the Emirates - the heart of Dubai, Vintage Vaults provides premium safe deposit box that allow residents and tourists to safely store their most valued possessions; with state-of-the-art smart security technology, privacy, insurance, and easy accessibility to secure your peace of mind 

Secure Your Possessions

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Security is Our Priority

Put your worries to rest with our state-of-the-art technology, offering multiple layers of security and biometric access with no compromise on your privacy. We have built a custom six-sided steel reinforced vault, deploying the latest technology in monitoring, and alarm systems that have a 24x7 link to Dubai Police. Our security protocols include round the clock presence of physical guards, HD CCTV systems, as well as motion and audio sensors that all combine to deliver the highest standards of safety

Discover Top-notch Security

Security in vintage vaults

Amalgamating elegance & security

Our Vault is a perfect blend of security and splendor - a product of an award-winning team of designers, engineers, security professionals, consultants and craftsmen; encompassed in a unique art deco inspiration.

Experience Vintage Vaults

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Enhanced Convenience for Smooth Deposits

Enhanced convenience
for smooth deposits

The safety deposit boxes are accessible at any time during the Mall of the Emirates operating hours, throughout the year - we do not close for any public holiday. We can also have any of our 7 different sizes of deposit boxes delivered with an armored van and security directly to your home. We also insure all our safe deposit lockers at no additional costs, and registering is simply done with a passport or Emirates ID

Secure Your Possessions

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Our Safe Box Memberships

Premium Safe Deposit Box

Tier - Black

4 Layers of Access

Facial recognition, fingerprint and access card


AED 2 million (Can be raised on request)

Vault Access

Anytime in Operating Hours

Privacy Pod

12 min

Box Color


Dedicated Relationship Manager

For all your needs

Private Vault

Safe boxes are in a Private Vault within our Primary vault

Weight Limit

20 Kg

Privacy Pod Bookings

3x per week

Full Velvet Lined Box

All sides

Access Card


Nominee Per Box

3 Nominees

Standard Safe Deposit Box

Tier - Silver & Gold

4 Layers of Access

Facial recognition, fingerprint and access card


AED 1.5 million for Gold and 1 million for Silver (Can be raised on request)

Vault Access

If 2 or less people are in the vault

Privacy Pod

Silver 5 mins & Gold 8 mins

Box Color


Primary Vault

Safe boxes are located within our Primary Vault

Weight Limit

Silver 10 Kg & Gold 15 Kg

Privacy Pod Bookings

Silver 1x & Gold 2x per week

Full Velvet Lined Base

Access Card

Silver & Gold

Nominee Per Box

1 Nominee

Additional Features

Nominee Addition

Select someone to share
access privileges

VIP Number Upgrade

Select from VIP numbers
to customize your box

Delivery Service

Dubai's leading security services use armored vans and security guards to deliver your box directly to your door

7 Different Box Sizes

The widest range of sizes
available in the industry

Safe Box Sizes and Charges

Explore a diverse range of Deposit Box Sizes tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring the utmost security for your valued possessions. Our opulent boxes come with prestigious gold standard certifications, guaranteeing top-tier protection for your cherished items. Rest easy knowing our meticulously designed security measures are dedicated to safeguarding your valuables around the clock.

XX Small

7 x 7 x 52 CM
H x W x D

Per Quarter
1,000 AED  
Per Annum
3,000 AED
+ 5% tax


7 x 22 x 52 CM
H x W x D

Per Quarter 
Per Annum
+ 5% tax


8.5 x 22 x 52 CM
x W x D

Per Quarter
Per Annum
+ 5% tax


11 x 22 x 52 CM
H  x W x D

Per Quarter AED3,000   
Per Annum
+ 5% tax

X Large

24 x 22 x 52 CM
H x W x D

Per Quarter AED5,000 
Per Annum AED16,000 
+ 5% tax

XX Large

51 x 26 x 52 CM
H x W x D

Per Quarter AED13,000 
Per Annum AED43,000 
 + 5% tax

Award Winning Interior Design

Vintage Vaults was awarded the prestigious "Interior Design of the Year - Retail" for the Middle East, 2022

Interior Design of the Year - Retail

FAQs About Safety Deposit Locker Services

Why rent a safe deposit box?

A safe deposit box is the most secure way to protect your valuables and belongings. The high levels of security within the vault provides protection from loss, damage, fire, flood, vandalism and theft. A safe box facility also offers complete privacy and discretion for clients along with being more accessible than a bank. Keeping valuables outside your home in an insured facility provides financial cover, will also lower home insurance costs and potential theft incidents.

Can anyone rent a safe deposit box?

At Vintage Vaults we provide safe deposit boxes to both residents and tourists to Dubai, individuals and corporates. Residents have a secure place to store valuables outside their home and visitors to Dubai can also enjoy all the services we provide.

What are Safe Deposit Box Sizes?

There are 7 different sizes of safe deposit boxes for rent:

  • XXS: 7 H x 7 W x 52 D CM
  • XS: 11 H x 7 W x 52 D CM
  • S: 7 H x 22 W x 52 D CM
  • M: 8.5 H x 22 W x 52 D CM
  • L: 11 H x 22 W x 52 D CM
  • XL: 24 H x 22 W x 52 D CM
  • XXL: 51 H x 26 W x 52 D CM

We offer the widest range of safe deposit box sizes options in the UAE.

What kind of security do you have in place?

The custom-built vault is reinforced with steel within all four walls, floor and ceiling. The Vault and entire store are fitted with CCTV cameras that are linked to Dubai Police 24 hours a day. Motion sensors, night vision, audio sensors and state of the art alarm systems are fitted throughout the premises and linked to the Security Industry Regulatory Authority and police. The security footage is stored on our servers and never deleted so we can access footage from any period in time. Our privacy pods have additional security access measures and provide complete privacy for clients.
Biometrics access including fingerprints and facial recognition is used to gain access through multiple security doors which also require access cards. All of the boxes are fitted with UL certified locks which is the industry gold standard globally.
On top of all the security layers at Vintage Vaults there are physical security guards on premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of the security is complimented with the security provided separately by the Mall of the Emirates.

Why use Vintage Vaults over a bank?

Vintage Vaults has higher security levels deployed than a traditional bank facility and we also provide insurance for your belongings which banks do not. A safe box at a bank is accessible in limited working hours, while we operate with mal hours proving much more freedom and accessibility. Delivery services are also available provided by armored trucks and security guards.
Banks have restrictions on what can be placed in a box, such as cash and have limited box sizes. We offer greater freedom for asset storage and seven different box sizes. Banks are also subject to government regulation and guidelines, while overall confidence in banks in many geographies has been continuing to decline.
At Vintage Vaults your account is accessible online; reserving a box, selecting a VIP number, booking a privacy pod and auto-renewing your rental can all be done easily through our website. We place our emphasis on technology and integration of services.

Can I rent a deposit box online?

Yes, you can select and rent your box on our website. Biometrics need to then be registered at the store where the access card and keys will be provided.

Is there any government oversight?

Vintage Vaults is completely independent of any government oversight such as the Central Bank. The Banks may one day need to view contents of boxes on directive of government policy, none of these such policies or regulations apply to Vintage Vaults. We are independent of the government yet approved by the government to provide our services.
The government agencies involved with us are the Dubai Police and Security Industry Regulatory Authority (SIRA) for the purposes of safety, CCTV, alarms, monitoring and security.

Where is Vintage Vaults located?

First floor, LVL 1 in the Mall of the Emirates on Sheikh Zayed Road. The Vault is located after Home Center and Godiva, next to Mall Management Offices and in the direction of the Sheraton Hotel lifts.

Is a deposit required?

An AED 1,000 refundable deposit is required for the process of changing locks if a key is lost.

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